Review: Rohit SA | Cricket was upset with himself after missing an easy exit from the match

Team India had their chances in the crucial T20 World Cup match against South Africa in Perth on Sunday, especially after Arshdeep Singh started with the new ball. But errors on the field cost India their first defeat of the tournament, by five wickets, which has sent them down the points table in Group 2 of the Super 12 as they now sit second behind South Africa. One of those mistakes was made by captain Rohit Sharma himself as he got a golden opportunity to dismiss Aiden Markram, who scored his fifty later in the match.

It happened in South Africa’s 13th over. Mohammed Shami took a short delivery as the batter was tight for room. The ball hit Miller’s glove and rolled into the cover region. David Miller hesitated for a single and so did Markram. Rohit attacked this time, collected the ball comfortably and then slowed down to get the target right. Markram almost gave up and trusted Rohit with an accurate underarm throw when he slowed down. But the ball missed the stumps and Markram got another lease of life in the chase. At that time, the batter went from 36 to 33.

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With just six deliveries to go, Markram took his chance against Ashwin’s length ball as he drove R Ashwin over deep mid-wicket in hopes of a six. But Kohli settled in there and looked set for a crucial dismissal in the match. However, much to the dismay of all the fans and his teammates, Kohli left his mark.

Later, Markram scored a 38-ball fifty en route to his 41-ball 52 and also completed a 76-run stand with the match-winning Miller. 134 with two balls left.

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